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FAQs − Frequently Asked Questions about CONNECTED WASH

Are you interested in CONNECTED WASH, or are you already enjoying the advantages of a networked machine and have a question? Then we might have the answer you need here.


What prerequisites need to be fulfilled so that I can use CONNECTED WASH?

To connect a CONNECTED WASH machine to your network without any issues, there are a few prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. You can find these here: www.connected-wash.biz/tech-requirements

Where do I get the app?

The CONNECTED WASH app is available in the Apple App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The app is also available as a web application at the following URL: www.connected-wash.biz/app

Which end devices is the app available for?

The app is available for the operating systems iOS and Android, but not for Blackberry. There is also a browser version available.


What data is transferred?

The machine only transfers operating data (e.g. temperatures) and machine notifications (e.g. fault messages). No personal data, location data (GPS) or audio/video data is transferred.

When does the machine send data?

As soon as the machine is switched on, it regularly sends data. When the machine is switched off, no data is sent.


How secure is my data and where is it stored?

The data is completely secure. It is stored and backed up in our Winterhalter data centre in Meckenbeuren.

What happens if the server in the Winterhalter data centre fails?

In this case there is a fall-back server which stores the data during this time. Thus no data is lost.

What happens if my internet fails?

The machine is equipped with “buffer storage”, so the data is not lost. As soon as the internet connection is working again, the data is sent.


I can′t connect my machine with the internet and the app. What should I do? Can I still wash?

Please check the connection using our analysis tool, at the following link: CONNECTED WASH Analysis Tool.
Normal washing will not be impaired by the internet connection failing.

I want to connect the machine to my guest Wi-Fi (without a Wi-Fi password). What do I need to be aware of?

Make sure of the following points:

  • The MAC address of the Wi-Fi module for your guest Wi-Fi is unlocked.
  • A wireless bridge can be integrated into your network and isn′t blocked.

You also need to change the password for the web-configuration interface of the dishwasher. You can find details on doing this in the next question and answer.

How do I access the web configuration interface of the dishwasher? And where can I change the password?

You access the web configuration interface by entering the IP address of the dishwasher (see PIN Menu) into your browser. Register with the username “admin” and the password “admin”. You can change the password in the area on the left-hand side. Please make a note of your password.


Which fault messages do I receive push notifications for?

The factory setting means that you receive a notification only in the case of a serious error or particular machine conditions (e.g. lack of detergent). However, you can adjust these settings in the app at any time.

Where can I change the push notification settings?

Open the app and open Profile/Push & Approval. Here you can adjust the settings as you wish.

How many entries are saved in the wash cycle diary?

The number of entries is unlimited. So that you can always maintain an overview, you can filter which time periods are shown.

I wash several times a day, but the app does not count the wash cycles. What is the reason?

If the current date and time are set incorrectly, the wash cycles in the background are counted, but they do not appear in the overview. Please check that the date and time are set correctly and correct accordingly (see operating instructions, PIN menu).