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In an increasingly networked world, Winterhalter boosts commercial dishwashing to the next level: The new generation of under counter, passthrough and utensil washers as well as the CTR series rack conveyor dishwasher are network-integrated thanks to CONNECTED WASH and enable the analysis of all key operating data. This means that you can optimise the whole washing process and increase your operational security − for the highest cleaning quality with the best possible efficiency.


1. Warewashers are connected via cable or Wifi.

2. ...and send their data to a server.

3. This is analysed and evaluated.

4. The washing process and operation are totally transparent...

5. ...and can be monitored and analysed from anywhere via an app.

6. This ensures better safety.

7. And offers optimisation options.

8. The result: perfect wash results with the best possible efficiency.


More safety

Increase operational safety and keep downtime to a minimum: with CONNECTED WASH, you have an overview of all important machine and operating data. And you can see straight away if something′s not right.

More efficiency

Optimise the washing process, reduce the operating costs: CONNECTED WASH shows you fail-safe ways you can improve your workflow − in which areas and with what measures.

More control

Access to all important data irrespective of time and place: with the web app from CONNECTED WASH, you always stay informed on the current status of your machines. At any time, wherever you are. On your smart phone, tablet or computer.

More hygiene security

If the worst should happen: CONNECTED WASH documents all data in a warewasher log book. You have evidence of full compliance with all warewasher-relevant hygiene standards according to HACCP.

More fleet management

Internal benchmarking: with CONNECTED WASH you have an overview of all your machines in different locations. You can exploit all your optimisation potential.

More service

An all-rounder: CONNECTED WASH makes your washing process not just safer and more efficient, but also simpler and more practical. With useful and well thought-out service functions.


UC Series

The small sized. The flexible. The reliabel. The perfect under counter dishwasher. For glasses, cutlery and dishes.

PT Series

Brilliant, fast and efficient dishwashing. The reliable pass-through dishwasher. For your individual requirements.

UF Series

The powerful. The robust. With a lot of power. The utensil dishwashing for stubborn staining.

CTR Series

Rapid washing speed. In the smallest space. The compact rack conveyor dishwasher. Can be individually configured whilst remaining flexible. Excellent performance.

The possibilities of CONNECTED WASH.

Ask your warewasher. It′s got lots to say.

Until now, the warewasher was a sort of mystery box: it didn′t give away much information about what was going on inside and around the machine. With CONNECTED WASH you know more than ever before about your washing process.

Red, yellow, green. Process management can be that easy.

Sorted clearly and by importance: the CONNECTED WASH web app gives you a quick overview of the status and all important data on your machines. Green indicates that everything is in order. Yellow indicates an interference in the washing process. Red is a fault message.

Know what′s working. And what could work better.

An intelligent tool: CONNECTED WASH not only reminds you that the detergent canister is nearly empty. It also gives you optimisation tips. For example, the timespan between start-up and the first wash cycle may be too long, causing unnecessary costs.

Spot problems. Before they become problems.

CONNECTED WASH monitors your washing process: as soon as the machine reports a critical error, you or a person nominated by you will receive an automated push notification. Directly on a phone or tablet.



Enter the next level with CONNECTED WASH!

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The NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS from Winterhalter.

Since 1947, time and again Winterhalter has managed to actively shape the field of commercial warewashing and set benchmarks with innovative warewashing solutions. The reason: we want to know exactly how our customers′ world works, what their needs are and how we can best support them. We listen and observe: change in society and changes to the world of work, technical developments and the possibilities presented by them. In short: we work intensively today on what will be heading our customers′ way tomorrow and beyond. You can see what these solutions look like with our NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS.

Don′t want to buy, rent or lease a professional warewashing solution, but simply to pay for each wash cycle individually? Discover another NEXT LEVEL SOLUTION from Winterhalter: PAY PER WASH.

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